Stick wreath

I’ve been on a roll with my crafts the last few weeks! Warmer weather and sunshine can make you feel so good!
As B plays outside I get the idea for a new wreath and looking around all I see are trees. So I get my boots on and set out to cut branches , branches and more branches. ( falling in melting
snow .. Optional lol )
I get my glue gun, wreath form and some pretty silk flowers ready and start working. I assumed this project would be simple enough .. Glue sticks and then flowers.. Tada!! Boy was I WRONG!! I went through 10 glue sticks and 4 trial and error I was stumped how to attatch everything while being strong enough to hold up to rain and wind.
The wreath itself took about 3 hours. It came out looking like this ….



Not bad right ? I was excited so I hung it with some ribbon and attached it to my door.. Where it fell .. So I took another hour and half to fix it and hung it again! About 2 hours later I came into the kitchen to find it on the floor.. Again.. So with the time and trouble I gave up .. Gathered up some new supplies and made a new one.. And this is what I came up with..

What do you think? Should I have fixed and kept the stick one or this one? :)>


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