About Michelle

Hello, I`m Michelle. Im new to blogging and hope to share my favorite things with you! I am mother to a 1 year old, step-mother to an 11 and 10 year old. I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world! If it was not for him I would not have the privilage to be a stay at home home like I have always dreamed of being! I am also a craft-aholic as some people may call it! I can not go a day without making something.

So Staying home with My baby is great! But I also take in 2 other children ages 3 and 5. One of them I have everyday, every week and the other is more part time, every other week and not all week. But it is great because B gets to explore the other kids behave without me missing anything with her. It also helps with the finances since im staying at home with her.

I try to do many things with the kids, like experiments, activities such as coloring, painting, and they are learning to share and help out around the house! Now the kids seem to just love helping me with my laundry and I would never have someone elses kids to my laundry but these boys are family so its ok 🙂

I cannot wait until summer to teach them about gardening and growing their own plants! That is going to be one of my favorite activities.


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