Toddler size picnic table

Hey again!
I’ve been wanting to build something for my nephews because they love to be outside! So of course I headed over to Ana whites amazing website and found this picnic table sized perfectly for small children!!
Little B loves to help me get all my supplies and do as much as she can to contribute to my projects.. Took me about. 3-4 days because the weather didn’t want to cooperate with me.
I do recommend using the measurements for the frame but when you get the fill in the legs I would measure your sizes and I was off some and my pieces were too big and I had to go back and do more cuts! Maybe I went wrong somewhere but it’s up to you what you decide to do!



I wanted to paint it a nice color because stain just isn’t the same for kids I find! Your choice again. So I chose a nice blue.. >



This is how it turned out and the boys just love it!! It cost me a total of $30 to build! Can’t go wrong :)>

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