Tomato cage DIY tree..

I really need to decorate my porch and I dont have many decorations collected up so I got on pinterest to see what I could do.
I came along the idea to use garland and tomato cages to make my own trees. So I called my mother in law and she gave me a few cages she had from her garden this year and I went to be garage for the artificial tree my sister gave me that she found in her storage unit when she moved into her new apartment.
I took all the branches off the old tree and set them aside, took the cages and tied the spikes that would normally go into the ground together.. That made the cage into the tree shape. From there I took the benches and just secured them in by the hook on the bottom of the branch and tied it to the wire frame by bending small branched.. Which means I didn’t need string to hold it together! Woo
I didn’t make it perfect since they were going to be placed outside but I tried not to have any gaps.. I finished covering both and this is the result…


I then added some pretty lights and put them on each side of my doorway! Now by the time I finished these trees it was dark out so don’t mind the picture. I’ll get a better one in the morning..


And there you have it! My very own DIY tomato cage trees! That cost me a total of $0 where as the ones you buy in the store run you about.. $50 each!!! Worth trying if you want some cute little trees for outside! I’m going to make myself a few more to line my walkway 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

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