Simple tree..

I couldn’t resist but to get my Christmas decorations out early this year. Only because my mother in law and I just finished redoing my kitchen and living room and I couldn’t wait to decorated it! I’ve had my tubs in the kitchen for about a week debating on wether or not to put them out and where everything was going to go! Also to spend day after day checking lights that magically doesn’t work this year but worked when I put them away last year! Go figure!
Anywho I was super excited because B is 2 1/2 this year and can actually get excited to help and for santa! To be a kid again.
So we spent the hole day fixing the pre lit lights in my tree which exactly half worked and half did not.. And the middle is where they chose to cut out. I gave up after the first day and the mess just wore me out.
So after a good sleep and a good house cleaning, we started to decorate. She was my helper to hand me everything and I must say she was the best!
This is how it turned out..


I think it’s pretty nice! I went with silver, purple and blue!! The kids just love it so that’s all that matters!

We also don’t have a fireplace or any place for our stockings so I went ahead and made myself a stocking tree! Very simple and it doesn’t take up much room! Great alternative for people who don’t have room or a fireplace.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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