I built my bed, that’s right I built my very own bed!

So it’s been a LONG while since I’ve updated my blog and I don’t really have any reason other than life just gets in the way! So I’ve never own my own bed and what I mean is I’ve always had a mattress but no headboard or footboard. Always my dream to have a farmhouse bed and with the help of Ana white ( http://www.ana-white.com ) my dream came true!
I searched around for a bed for a long time and with the price of $1,500 or more I always just told myself one day maybe. Until I came across Ana’s site of do it your self projects. I’ve had my eye on her farmhouse bed for over a year and after doing a few smaller projects of hers I felt confident enough to tackle the bed!
It took me 4 days and I did it all myself! I picked up my wood and materials with the help of my sister and my mother in law.
In the end, my bed turned out gorgeous and best of all I made it myself and it holds myself and my boyfriend which I was worried wouldn’t happen! It makes sleeping on it better knowing I handbuilt it , and now here’s a picture of how it turned out!!



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