It’s been quite a month..

So it’s been about a month since my last blog, BUT you wouldn’t believe the month I’ve had.. B got sick with what I assumed to be allergies, the doctor took X-rays and she had a fever of 103.. They gave her an antibiotic because she had inner ear infections because she had a runny nose from the allergies. She slept for the most of a week and barely ate a thing! Eventually she finally came around and became B again.
About a week later she started getting another fever , again 103 and never going down.. I took her into the doctor again and another doctor did more X-rays and took some blood. Realized her ear infections had not gone away, meanwhile she wasn’t even drinking or eating this time .. He gave her a stronger antibiotic which me and my boyfriend concluded was making her worse so we stopped them. Finally after about a week and a half she started to feel better! Since then I’ve been paranoid of her breathing and eating patterns because she just hasn’t been the same.
As much as I appreciate the doctors I just don’t feel they have ever been correct with her diagnosis because the first time nothing worked, the second time the antibiotic made her sick. All that matters tho is that B is better I hope the next time won’t be for a long time!!

Now I’m busy planning her 2 nd birthday party which is this Sunday , and I haven’t got much done because I Just finished putting her present together.. We got her a swing set!!! Lots of work but totally worth it!! And ps I did i put 95% of it together myself 🙂

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