Flowers for the kiddos! Updated!!:)

I was out with my boyfriend the other day, buying himself a new BBQ, and I came across a box with a bunch of cute little tin cans! I pulled it out and it said everything you need to grow your own daisies. So I got to thinking. I will buy 3 in about a month and let the kids plant and grow their own! Teach them how to plant , water and take care of their own little flowers. Hopefully the older kids will enjoy it as much as I am going to enjoy watching them take of it. Im pretty excited that there was not only a pink tin, so they can learn their colors also and know which one is theirs.

When I buy them, ill post pictures and the progress the kids are making as they grow and take care of them.
Wish me good luck! šŸ™‚

So I finally purchased the flower pots today and we planted then and now, for the waiting game!







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