Can you believe this?!

On November 10, 2010, I was 13 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I was currently off work on doctors orders and took on babysitting my 2 nephews.
On a normal day I was getting home around 4. Getting supper ready for my boyfriend and so on. But this day I got off early and rushed home to surprise my boyfriend with a late birthday dinner! I ran out of my sisters without saying much and didn’t text my boyfriend that I was done work. Halfway home I met a truck that seemed to be a run down truck and didn’t seem to be driving to straight, and to my surprise a few seconds later my airbag hit me in the stomach and my car was on the wrong side of the road. I looked around and seen the truck in the ditch.
I got out to yell at the b*tch that came on my side of the road and hit me! I knew the woman which made me pretty much tell her off. Noticing that she too was probably about 5 months pregnant! What are the odds two pregnant women in the same car accident. She also smelled of alcohol, yes that’s right she was drunk and pregnant!!
She refused treatment at the scene from paramedics and told them she was on her way to the clinic to get her dose of methadone ( which is something to help people get off strong drugs). I went to the hospital where I was tied down to a stretcher for 5 1/2 hours!! Yes and I needed to pee !
When we got to the hospital she refused a blood alcohol test which since she was pregnant they couldn’t do much to force her. I then got my ultrasound to make sure my baby was okay and being only 13 weeks it’s very hard to find a heartbeat but they did!! My baby and I were fine 🙂 just some bruising to my belly and face from the airbag.
The other woman was then later released and you won’t believe what I tell you next.. She wasn’t even charged, yes that’s right she was let go because she had never been charged with impaired before so her first offense is I guess a warning!!? I was furious and she was only to be charged with no license, insurance and her vehicle not being legally registered!! And in the end those were dropped also! Cops told me that even if she had of killed me she couldn’t have been charged because it was her first time offense.
I don’t know about you guys but I do believe the system is messed up. I went through hell and she got a slap on her wrist! I did everything by the book and I got screwed over and over. And all that happened was hey took her baby away from her but being this was her 4th kid and having none of her others it didn’t do much to her!! Poor baby was in the nursery when I had B. she was on medication to get the crap her mother did when she was pregnant to help her grow and be a normal baby.
You would think people would grow up and I realized when your not punished for things you do why would anyone want to!? She’s still out doing the same stuff and she hasn’t learned a thing.

Our system needs to step up before more people and kids are harmed.

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