How do I get them to listen?

My boyfriend has 2 kids from a previous relationship and I love them to bits but lately there has been some issues in authority in my house. My boyfriend works 6 out of 7 days in the week so most of the rules and stuff come from me. And I know that I’m not their mother but when they are in my house it’s my rules.

With their mom they don’t have many rules or chores and I want them to listen to me in order to teach them responsibilities around the house so they don’t expect to have things handed to them. But for some reason they think because I’m not their mother and their father is at work that they don’t have to listen to me. Which obviously frustrates me and upsets me cause I don’t want to be growling them all the time I just want to enjoy them because they are great kids. I’m stumped. I tried to make things fun and give them allowances to do chores but they still expect things we just can’t get them.
I grew up with parents who told me I could do anything I wanted and to work hard to get the things you want. And I would love to teach his kids the same things!
His son has said before that his mother said he doesn’t have to listen to me because I wasn’t married to his father. That hurt and it feels like she is trying to make my life hell and get me mad! I can’t teach my daughter to listen to me when her brother and sister won’t listen to me, right?
I just wish she would back off and let me run my house the way I want and keep be nose out of it.

🙂 I’m trying to keep the peace.

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