My baby is allergic..

About two weeks ago my 22 month old started to get a bum rash and this usually happens when she gets a cold so I put the cream on and didn’t think twice. And then the rash wasn’t going away and her face started to break out, and then her nose started to run and with having a cold I just assumed it was all in the same! And as the days went on I realized nothing was helping and my little girl was getting irritable! I went to the pharmacy and the woman gave me 2 creams to help with her bum and one of them ending up helping her face but I didn’t realize that her nose almost seemed infected and I sill don’t know why.
As I started to think, my boyfriend has done the shopping and bought me new laundry soap! Go figure , that’s why she broke out all over her face and body. Now as far as the bum that was from the orange juice! Something she Drinks ALL the time.
And I haven’t figured out about her nose, it’s still irritated and she’s picking it all the time and won’t let me put cream on and if she does she wipes it right off! She’s so stubborn sometimes!
Hopefully my little ladybug will get all better soon but as of now I have to watch out what she’s near that’s causing her to break out when she’s never been allergic to a thing. And what are the odds if it all happening within the same couple weeks!


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