No Facebook please

So with all the new technology and social sites going, me and my boyfriend deleted our Facebook accounts. Some people ask why and I reply with ” I don’t miss enough to want it back ” so why have it, right? I don’t need to have something online when I have everything at home. Facebook causes drama and unnecessary bullcr*p if you ask me! Now maybe that’s why me and my boyfriend are so against his 10 and 11 year old having it. Or maybe it’s the fact they had to lie just to make an account on it! Either way thy are too young and I can’t seem to make them realize if you need to lie it’s not worth having.
Now with my boyfriend co-parenting with his ex, she obviously doesn’t care about what kids can get Into online these days since she was the one to set up their accounts!
I am defiantly not here to judge people with Facebook as its a very popular social site , these are just thoughts that I have towards it, especially for younger kids. When I had my account a few years ago I had the chance to reconnect with old friends and it was great! But with it came a lot of drama that wasn’t worth it. This is why I deleted it.

I wish my boyfriends kids would understand why they shouldn’t have it. Maybe I’m overreacting?


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