All About B

So B would be my baby! Well she is not much of a baby now, but a very grown up 20 month old! She is very active and has a personality that she must have gotten from her father because she is the total opposite of me when I was younger, as my mother would say. When she was a baby she would not let anyone hold her, or sometimes even look at her. And from then on she has been getting her own way! Spoiled you may think but I look at it if there is something she does not want why force her, and why give into everything she wants. I am blessed with the oppertunity to be able to stay at home with her, and for financial reasons, I chose to take in a few kids and babysit them! It is working out fine becuase they are my nephews and it gives her the chance to learn to share and realize that it is not always going to go her way when she wants it.

When B was born the docotrs told me she had a little fever but that they would keep an eye on her. Not having a clue what they meant, because I have never heard of a new born of maybe an hour having a fever. It got me worried. My mom and sister had gone home, and my boyfriend had to go home to pack my bag because little B came 2 weeks early and I obviously was not prepaired. So while I was taking a nap the nurses said they were taking her for some tests and when I woke up they told me they had put her into the nursery where she was to stay for the next 5 days! And at this point I was devistated. I had only held my new baby for maybe half an hour and now she was hooked up to wires and an IV which was stuck in her poor little hand! Needless to say doctors had overreaccted and B was fine!, 6 days later and we brought her home to meet her new brother and sister!

Now bringing her home was the easy part, or so I thought. With my boyfriend working 6 out of the 7 days, he could not take off any days so with it being a saturday that we came home, I had him for 2 days. That was it! Not what I was expecting when bringing home my baby. But I did enjoy the one on one time with her, and when he came home after work at night he got to enjoy her. Im not a morning person so he also had that time before work. I nursed her so I was exhausted with all the night time feedings, she was a pig! 🙂

I got a lot of help from my parents and his! Lots of tips from my sisters, and best friend also. But as B got bigger her brother and sister were a lot of help when I needed it in the house. Even if it was just to take a shower!

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